Corporate Membership

Invest in the future

Ever wonder how your organization can support the next generation of doers, thinkers and innovators?

Your organization will be an active player in our endeavors to inspire youth through our exhibits, programs and outreach.  At Discovery Place, we are committed to providing thought-provoking and interactive experiences that ignite imaginations to the limitless possibilities of science, technology and nature.

What your Membership supports:

  • Free STEM community programs
  • World-class exhibition experiences
  • Accessibility to our Museums through the Welcome program
  • Development of school curriculum
  • Care and feeding of native plant and animal species

Membership Levels

Corporate Membership benefits are designed to fit the needs of a variety of organizations regardless of staff size, scope of work, geographical reach or line of business. We offer four Corporate Membership levels.



At the highest level of investment, Innovators receive the highest level of benefits.

  • 8 Corporate Membership cards 
  • 25% discount on facility rentals
  • Corporate Family Fun Day
  • and much more!



Discoverers receive recognition and benefits designed to get you and your employees involved.

  • 6 Corporate Membership cards
  • 20% discount on facility rentals
  • Behind-the-scenes tour
  • And much more!



Pioneers receive recognition for their investment and opportunities to get involved.

  • 4 Corporate Membership cards
  • 10% discount on facility rentals
  • Invite to annual Spring Night Hike
  • And much more!



Perfect for small companies, Explorers get access to the Museums and special experiences.

  • 2 Corporate Membership cards
  • 5% discount on facility rentals
  • Concierge guest service
  • And much more!

Annual Fund