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The (Neuro)Science of Sleep

Sleep Science 2

The month of March includes National Sleep Awareness Week as well as Brain Awareness Week, and we are exploring the important role that the brain plays in a good night’s rest!

Master Mixology: Smoky Infusion

Smoke drink

Welcome back to Master Mixology with Discovery Place Science! This video series explores the intersection of science, history and alcohol, plus fun adult beverage demonstrations (and non-alcoholic modifications!).

Curious Inventions

Curious Inventions 2

From simple machines to rocket ships, humans have engineered unique ways to simplify labor and expand our abilities since the discovery of fire.

Encryption Superhero

Superhero Shadow

What is the qualification to put the word “super” in front of “hero”?

Learning With Senses

Five senses illustration

Ever wonder how your ears actually work or why your sense of smell is important?

Master Mixology: Cheers to 75 Years

MM 75 drink 2

Welcome back to Master Mixology with Discovery Place Science! This video series explores the intersection of science, history and alcohol, plus fun adult beverage demonstrations (and non-alcoholic modifications!).

The Psychology of New Year’s Resolutions

NY Resolutions hero

For many people, it’s the same cycle every year: When the clock strikes midnight on December 31, they have a list of goals they want to achieve in the new year.

Master Mixology: Drinks That Glow

Do D glow drink hero 2

Have you ever wondered why some things glow? In this episode of Master Mixology, we are exploring the science behind drinks that glow and offer spooky special effects.

Big Feelings, Small Structure

Big feelings hero image

Emotions are so complicated that scientists still don’t fully understand them! Scientists do know that some of our most immense feelings are caused by a tiny part of the brain called the amygdala.

Scorched Science: Copper Flame Painting

Copper Flame Painting YT

In the first episode of our new series “Scorched Science” we are exploring the science behind copper oxidation while showing the craftsmanship of copper flame painting.

Ask an Aquarist: All About Fish

0737 Discovery Place Science aquarium

Welcome to Ask an Aquarist with Discovery Place Science! In this special video series, we go behind-the-scenes with Discovery Place team members to learn about our Museum’s marine life and conservation efforts.

Storm Surge Science

Storm Surge

Let’s learn about sea-level rise and storm surge right from your kitchen! 

DIY Emergency Preparedness Kit


September is National Preparedness Month. Get tips on how to make emergency plans and assemble your own emergency preparedness kit.

Painting by Gravity

Pendulum Finished Product

Practice Newton's Law of Inertia at home! All you need is some paint, water, paper and let gravity do the work! Just a warning, it could get a little messy.

Rocket Science: NASA’s Artemis I Mission

Artemis NASA Logo

What to expect from Artemis I? It has been nearly 50 years since the last time humans set foot on the Moon, but NASA has plans to change that in the near future through The Artemis Plan.

Test Your Shark IQ

Great White Sharks

Happy Shark Week! Put your shark IQ to the test in this jaw-some quiz

Daffodil Dissection


Although beautiful, flowers' main function is reproduction; creating more plants by growing seeds and attracting pollinators like bees.

Spring Sky Stargazing

Telescope Stars

As the Earth revolves, we get different views of constellations. What constellations should you keep an eye out for during the springtime in the Northern Hemisphere?

Can You Step Through an Index Card?

SAHS Index Card

In this hands-on activity, surface area allows us to do the impossible and morph an index card into something more. Let’s try it!

Sharing Our City with Wildlife

DSCF0030 1

As part of a collaborative research project Queens University, motion sensitive cameras captured images of various animals in the woods around Discovery Place Nature

Snow Science

Icy Blue Big Snowflakes

Make our your unique snowflakes and we won’t need freezing temperatures to do it

Snow Science

Icy Blue Big Snowflakes

Create wet and dry snow in a bowl - it's snow science!

Where Have All the Reptiles Gone?

Box Turtle

Ever wondered what happens to all the reptiles during winter? Learn about their strategies to make it through the colder months.

First in Flight


Celebrate the 118th anniversary of Wilbur and Orville Wright’s first flight and their contributions to aerospace technology.

Tea Bag Rocket  

Cartoon Rocket Card

Make a rocket without rocket fuel and learn about density differences, convection currents and lift.

Celery Science

Celery Science Card

Learn how a plant’s vascular system works with an experiment you can do right in your kitchen! 

World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day

Celebrate World Kindness Day! Be kind to each other, yourself and the world.

Curious Creatures

Butterfly Camo

Take a closer look at the living residents at Discovery Place Nature.

In The Wind

Wind Turbine

Across the world, wind turbines are used to harness energy to be turned in to electricity.

DIY Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp

Get groovy and create your very own lava lamp!

Wetlands and Flooding


Find out what makes wetlands in North Carolina so special, how to protect them, and the closest wetland near you.

DIY Solar Oven


Try using solar power to cook your s'mores!

The ecosystem of your home

Birds on a branch

If you live in the heart of Charlotte, or in the vast countryside, the area around your home is called an ecosystem!

Seesaw Candle

IMG 1775

With candles and fire create a moving seesaw

pHun Factor

YT p Hun Factor

It's all about pH with BASF Kids’ Lab!

The Science of Bubbles

Shutterstock 105075107

Let's see what happens when we use certain ingredients to create bubbles on a large scale.

Wax Resist Painting

YT Wax Resist Painting

Use watercolor, a white crayon and stencils to create a secret world on your page

CNC Router with Leah

Screen Shot 2021 03 09 at 11 46 06 AM

Our CNC router in Thinker Space uses subtractive manufacturing to create designs

Warm fuzzy MAKE

Warm fuzzy

It's a friend, a way to warm up and a way to build fine motor skills

States of Matter

Kid lab experiment beekers

Join Leah as she explores the 3 states of matter

Energy Talk With Leah

Catapult wooden

Leah talks about all types of energy and how we can look for examples around our houses

DIY Dessert


Get the scoop on making your own ice cream or sorbet

DIY Lung Model

Lung cutout

Learn how your lungs function with this DIY lung model

Eat the Rainbow

Fruits and vegetables

Explore fruits and vegetables as we learn to “eat the rainbow”

Binary Bracelets

Binary code

Use binary code to create (and wear) a secret message

Critter Creations

Color cham

Learn about biomes and adaptations as you create your own critter

Bird Beak Buffet

Birds on a branch

Build your own bird beaks to learn about adaptation, diversity


YT makey makey

Join Leah for a tech talk on what you can do Makey-Makey

DIY Catapult


Launch your inner engineer with a DIY catapult

3D Printing

3d printer upclose

A Beginner's Guide to 3D Printing


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