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Stay-at-Home Science

In The Wind

Wind Turbine

Across the world, wind turbines are used to harness energy to be turned in to electricity.

Wetlands and Flooding


Find out what makes wetlands in North Carolina so special, how to protect them, and the closest wetland near you.

DIY Solar Oven


Try using solar power to cook your s'mores!

The ecosystem of your home

Birds on a branch

If you live in the heart of Charlotte, or in the vast countryside, the area around your home is called an ecosystem!

Seesaw Candle

IMG 1775

With candles and fire create a moving seesaw

pHun Factor

YT p Hun Factor

It's all about pH with BASF Kids’ Lab!

The Science of Bubbles

Shutterstock 105075107

Let's see what happens when we use certain ingredients to create bubbles on a large scale.

Wax Resist Painting

YT Wax Resist Painting

Use watercolor, a white crayon and stencils to create a secret world on your page

CNC Router with Leah

Screen Shot 2021 03 09 at 11 46 06 AM

Our CNC router in Thinker Space uses subtractive manufacturing to create designs

Warm fuzzy MAKE

Warm fuzzy

It's a friend, a way to warm up and a way to build fine motor skills

States of Matter

Kid lab experiment beekers

Join Leah as she explores the 3 states of matter

Energy Talk With Leah

Catapult wooden

Leah talks about all types of energy and how we can look for examples around our houses

DIY Dessert


Get the scoop on making your own ice cream or sorbet

DIY Lung Model

Lung cutout

Learn how your lungs function with this DIY lung model

Eat the Rainbow

Fruits and vegetables

Explore fruits and vegetables as we learn to “eat the rainbow”

Binary Bracelets

Binary code

Use binary code to create (and wear) a secret message

Critter Creations

Color cham

Learn about biomes and adaptations as you create your own critter

Bird Beak Buffet

Birds on a branch

Build your own bird beaks to learn about adaptation, diversity


YT makey makey

Join Leah for a tech talk on what you can do Makey-Makey

DIY Catapult


Launch your inner engineer with a DIY catapult

3D Printing

3d printer upclose

A Beginner's Guide to 3D Printing


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