Feed the Animals

Our creatures – great and small – need you!

Feed the Animals

It costs $700 each day to care for all of our animal residents and maintain our immersive aquarium and rainforest environments. You can show your support for the animals you know and love by making a donation to help fund their care. Below are some of our featured residents who would welcome your help.

For a donation of $60 you can adopt an animal and receive an adoption certificate and plush stuffed animal.

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Meet the Animals

By making a donation you will provide food and veterinary care for the animals, as well as make it possible to purchase supplies that keep their “oceans” salted and Rainforest thriving.


Ophelia the Opossum

Ophelia is one of our most beloved residents at Discovery Place Nature. She has been an ambassador animal since 2018, when, like many of our animal residents, she came to us from a wildlife rehabilitation center. For $15 you can help provide Ophelia with fresh fruits, vegetables and protein for one week.


Bee colony close up

Bee Colony

Discovery Place Nature is home to a colony of native honey bees that help pollinate the lush ecosystem around Freedom Park. Did you know that bees make a buzzing noise because they are moving their wings over 230 times per second? With a donation of $25 you provide our beekeepers with supplies to continue to properly care for our colony.


BJ the Blue and Gold Macaw 1

BJ the Maccaw

While visiting the Discovery Place Science Rainforest, you’ve likely been greeted by a friendly “hello” from BJ the Blue and Gold Maccaw. At 30 years old, BJ is one of our oldest animal residents. She came to live at the Museum in 1995 and has been making friends ever since. For $35 you can provide BJ a cuisine of seeds, nuts and fresh fruit for three months.


Mangrove Monitor 1

Bowser the Mangrove Monitor

A nose-to-nose favorite, Bowser is known for his other worldly-appearance. In the time Bowser has been at the Museum he has grown as big as mangrove monitors get - a whopping four feet long! A donation of $50 provides Bowser his favorite meal of shrimp and mice for a month.


Golden dart frog

Golden Poison Dart Frogs

Poison dart frogs are some of our smallest and most unusual residents at Discovery Place Science. Their bright color make them easy to spot but also warns predators of their poisonous skin. A donation of $85 provides the dart frogs with gourmet fruit flies for two weeks.


Royal blue tang

Regal Blue Tang

You don’t have to go all the way to the Indo-Pacific to find the popular Royal Blue Tang. You can spot them at the World Alive Aquarium in Discovery Place Science enjoying and tidying up their vibrant coral reef home. A donation of $100 provides them and their friends with a week’s worth of food to gobble up.


Adopt an Animal

Support your favorite animal at Discovery Place with a symbolic adoption for yourself or a loved one. Our animals depend on us to provide a balanced diet, regular checkups and enrichment programs to keep them happy and healthy. For your $60 donation, you will receive a soft plush version of your adopted animal and adoption certificate. For more information, contact matd@discoveryplace.org

Animals currently available for adoption:

Tarantula, Macaw, Clownfish, Stingray, Poison Dart Frog, Iguana

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