Robotics Engineer

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Robots undoubtedly entertain us, but what else can they do and how can they help in the real world? Work with robots to solve a unique challenge that will test, not only what a robot can do, but what a human can engineer.

Major Concepts to be explored:

  • What is a robot?
  • What is coding?
  • How can robots and humans work together to solve problems and challenges?
  • What is the Engineering Design Process?

Essential Standards

  • NCES: 3.P.1.2, 3.L1.2, 4.P.3, 7.P.1-2, 8.P.1, 8.L.1
  • NGSS: 3-PS2-2, 5-ESS3-1, 3-5-ET3-1, MS: Engineering Design

Goals of the Program/Class:

  • To provide an opportunity for students to operate a robot.
  • To introduce concepts of coding/programming, troubleshooting, and real-life applications for robotics.

Behavioral Objectives:

Students will be able to:

  • Explain what is and is not a robot.
  • Program a task that a robot will be able to complete, and problem solve a solution if necessary.
  • Understand the process of coding as a method of communicating a task to a robot
  • Explain how the Engineering Design Process is used in coding and robotics.

Methods and Activities:

  • Demonstrations, discussions, and discrepant events will introduce students to the engineering design process, robotics, and programming.
  • Students will work in cooperative groups to further explore the engineering design process and its use within robotics.
  • Students will program and troubleshoot a robot.

Key Vocabulary:

Robot, Coding, Programming, Loop

Set-up needs:

  • Teaching/presentation space must be accessible via wheeled cart.
  • Space for cooperative groups to spread out and set up courses for the robots.
  • Approximate set-up and clean-up time – at least 30 minutes before and after program.
  • Program will need to remain set up and secured from students for the entire day if multiple programs are booked.
  • Secure storage location for materials if left overnight.

Call to Book

704.372.6261 x300
  • Grades 3 - 8
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • $150 first class / $125 each additional class (same class, same day)
  • Maximum 25 students