Workshop: Mini Maker

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Become a maker as you create, build, innovate, design, improve, hack, push boundaries and problem solve. Students will embark on a series of make projects, tailored to your students' needs and experience. These highlight STEM concepts, allow for self-expression and foster teamwork and critical thinking.

Major Concepts To Be Explored:

  • What is the engineering design process?
  • What are new tools and technologies that can be used to solve problems?
  • How can an idea be made into a tangible object?

Essential Standards:

Vary by Make

Goals of the Workshop:

  • Students will learn and use the steps of the engineering design process with each Make activity.
  • Students will use guided inquiry based learning to develop creative uses for everyday materials.
  • Students will discover various new materials such as polymers, cardboard, paint cans, and dried pasta.

Workshop Objectives:

Students will be able to:

  • Learn the limitations of new materials through hands on exploration with them
  • Design their own creations and produce them using materials provided
  • Redesign their creation to improve on their original design for a superior Make

Methods and Activities:

  • Students will be introduced to a variety of materials that they will then be able to use in the creation of different Make activities such as catapults, ice cream, and even human skeletons.
  • Students will be given broad directions for the Make activities which allow for an open ended method of experiential learning.
  • Students will use the steps of the engineering design process to make a successful creation.

Key Vocabulary:

Engineering Design Process, Plan, Improve, Hypothesis, Prototype

Set-up Needs:

  • Teaching/presentation space must be accessible via wheeled cart.
  • Approximate set-up and clean-up time – 30 minutes before and after program.
  • Large room with area for movement.
  • Table and chair for each student.
  • Minimum of one large table for setting out Make activity supplies.
  • On site small storage for make materials if possible.
  • 15 minutes in between sessions to reset

Call to Book

704.372.6261 x300
  • Grades K - 2
  • Duration: 6 one-hour sessions
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  • Maximum 25 students