Workshop: Mini CSI Workshop

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Become a detective during this crime-busting workshop. Learn techniques including fingerprint analysis, chromatography and chemical analysis to solve a mystery.

Major Concepts To Be Explored:

  • What is forensics?
  • What are some different techniques that can be used to solve a crime?
  • How are fingerprints analyzed?
  • What is chromatography? How can it help solve a crime?
  • How can different solids and liquids be analyzed as evidence?

Essential Standards:

K.P.2.1, K.P.2.2, K.E.1.1, 2.L.2.2

Goals of the Workshop:

  • To introduce students to the science of forensics, and to show different ways that evidence is analyzed.

Workshop Objectives:

Students will be able to:

  • Understand what it means to do “forensics” work
  • Identify fingerprints
  • Understand what chromatography is, and how it can help solve a crime
  • Understand how to analyze different solids and liquids as evidence

Methods and Activities:

  • Students will learn about the different types of forensic science.
  • Students will analyze fingerprints.
  • Students will perform chromatography experiments.
  • Students will analyze “mystery” solids and liquids.

Key Vocabulary:

Forensics, Crime Scene, Fingerprint Analysis, Chromatography, Chemical Analysis

Set-up Needs:

  • Teaching/presentation space must be accessible via wheeled cart.
  • Large room with tables for students to work in small groups (approx. 2-4 students/group).
  • Access to water.
  • Access to electricity.
  • Approximate set-up time is 30 min.
  • 15 min needed between sessions to clean-up and restock stations.
  • Approximate clean-up time is 30 min.
  • Secure storage location for materials if left overnight.

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704.372.6261 x300
  • Grades K - 2
  • Duration: 6 one-hour sessions
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  • Maximum 25 students