Matter Matters

Investigate the properties of solids, liquids and gases while conducting exciting experiments. Witness instantaneous phase changes featuring liquid nitrogen.

Major Concepts To Be Explored:

  • What is the definition of matter?
  • What are the three principle states of matter?
  • How do molecules behave differently depending on their state?

Essential Standards:

2.P.2.1; 3.P.2.1; 3.P.2.2; 3.P.2.3

Goals of the Program:

  • To introduce students to the properties of matter in its different states.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to explore what happens when materials change their state of matter.

Class Objectives:

Students will be able to:

  • Define matter
  • Explain the properties of the three main states of matter
  • Describe the behavior of molecules in the three main states of matter and during phase changes

Methods and Activities:

  • Demonstrations and discrepant events will introduce students to the definition of matter and the properties of the three main states of matter.
  • Students will work in cooperative groups to further explore the properties of solids, liquids, and gases.
  • Students will make predictions then use their observation skills to note changes in the states of matter for various materials.

Key Vocabulary:

Matter, Mass, Space, Solid, Liquid, Gas, Condense, Expand

Set-up Needs:

  • Teaching/presentation space must be accessible via wheeled cart.
  • 5 tables or grouped desks for students to work in cooperative groups.
  • One table for facilitator demonstrations.
  • Access to a sink.
  • Approximate set-up and clean-up time – at least 30 minutes before and after program.
  • Program will need to remain set up and secured from students for the entire day if multiple programs are booked.
  • Secure storage location for materials if left overnight.

Call to Book

704.372.6261 x300
  • Grades 2 - 5
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • $150 first class / $125 each additional class (same class, same day)
  • Maximum 25 students