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For the littlest paleontologist, rediscover dinosaur friends that lived long ago. Journey into the past and explore the time of the dinosaurs with hands-on activities and fossil investigations.

Major Concepts To Be Explored:

  • What is a dinosaur?
  • What is a paleontologist and what do they study?
  • What is a fossil and what are the different types of fossils?
  • How do fossils form?
  • How do scientists excavate fossils?

Essential Standards:


Goals of the Program:

  • To introduce students to dinosaurs and to the difference between dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.
  • To introduce students to the science of paleontology and the work of a paleontologist.
  • To introduce students to fossils, how to differentiate types of fossils, and the formation of fossils.

Class Objectives:

Students will be able to:

  • Know the characteristics that define a dinosaur, that dinosaurs are no longer alive, and what the difference is between a dinosaur and other prehistoric animals.
  • Know what a fossil is and how they are formed.
  • Define paleontology and explain what a paleontologist does.

Methods and Activities:

  • Students will participate in discussion about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.
  • Students will explore stations with different types of fossil specimens.
  • Students will make their own “fossils” and excavate fossils.

Key Vocabulary:

Dinosaur, Prehistoric, Paleontology, Paleontologist, Altered Fossil, Original Fossil, Trace Fossil

Set-up Needs:

  • Teaching/presentation space must be accessible via wheeled cart.
  • Preference is in a large room with a large open floor space and at least 5 long tables to be used for setting-up stations and fossil excavation pits.
  • Approximate set-up and clean up time- at least 45 minutes before and after program.
  • Program will need to be set up and secured from students for the entire day if multiple programs are booked.
  • Secure location for materials if left overnight.
  • NOTE FOR TEACHERS: The students will have a station where they can make a fossil using air-dry clay. Discovery Place will provide shells, but it is also an option to have the students bring something from home/classroom.

Call to Book

704.372.6261 x300
  • Pre K - Grade 2
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • $150 first class / $125 each additional class (same class, same day)
  • Maximum 25 students