Outreach Classes

High-energy, high-impact science at your location. Discovery Place Outreach is a museum-on-wheels, bringing hands-on science to your doorstep. Our classes, workshops, assemblies and festival booths are perfect for classroom curriculum enhancement, after school programs, summer camps, homeschool groups and even parties.

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Please note: A gap fee of $125.00 will be charged for every 60 minute gap between programs.

There is a minimum charge for two classes per Outreach visit.


Conditions & Booking Information

  • Program Space

    One designated location is required for all visits requiring multiple programs on one day.

    Discovery Place Outreach educators must have access to the program space at least 30-60 minutes prior and 30-60 minutes after each session to set up and take down programs.

    During this time, Discovery Place Outreach educators are not responsible for students. Outreach educators are not responsible for monitoring drop off and pick up times before or after programs.

  • Program Attendees

    The number of attendees communicated to Discovery Place Outreach must be accurate to ensure an optimal learning experience.

    Changes to the number of attendees the day of the program may result in cancellation of the program.

  • Mileage Fee

    A mileage fee is applied to all Discovery Place Outreach programs. Mileage is charged at $25.00 per Mecklenburg County visit (or $25.00 per Richmond County visit for programs originating from Discovery Place Kids-Rockingham) and $.75 per mile for all out of county visits.

  • Overnight Travel

    Travel requiring overnight lodging for the educator is billed at $225.00 per educator per night.

  • Gap Fee

    A gap fee of $125.00 will be charged for every 60 minute gap between programs.

Educator Memberships