Outreach Classes

High-energy, high-impact science at your location. Discovery Place Outreach is a museum-on-wheels, bringing hands-on science to your doorstep. Our classes, workshops, assemblies and festival booths are perfect for classroom curriculum enhancement, after school programs, summer camps, homeschool groups and even parties.

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Please note: A gap fee of $125.00 will be charged for every 60 minute gap between programs.

There is a minimum charge for two classes per Outreach visit.

Action Reaction

Engage in action-packed chemical reactions while learning about properties of materials

All About Animals

Through active exploration, learn how scientists classify animals

Animal Explorations

Discover the wonderful world of animals and travel across the planet to discover unique creatures and their relationship with their environment

Assembly: Energy, Energy, Energy

Illuminate the science behind electrical, chemical and thermal energy

Assembly: Matter of Science

Wow your students with demonstrations involving combustion and liquid nitrogen

Class on a Cart: Animal Mania

Meet a variety of animal friends, such as reptiles, arthropods and amphibians

Class on a Cart: Bubbles, Balls & Buoyancy

Explore buoyancy & gravity through bubbles and hands-on activities

Class on a Cart: Sensory Science

Use your senses to experience the wonders of the world

Day and Night

Explore our ever-changing sky and learn to recognize differences in the day and night sky

Daylight in a Bottle

Experiment with recyclable materials and various liquids to design an electricity-free way to light homes

Design a Maglev Train

Use the Engineering Design Process to design & test a frictionless train model

Dino Time

For the littlest paleontologist, rediscover dinosaur friends that lived long ago

Electrifying Attraction

Conduct hair-raising experiments with the Van de Graaf generator

Forces and Motion

Newton’s Laws of Motion come alive in this class packed with guided-inquiry activities

Horticultural Engineer: Hydroponics

Design and engineer a soil-less system for growing crops

Illusions of Optics

Explore the nature of light, perception, vision, waves and the electromagnetic spectrum

Keep it Moving

Examine real bones, tissues and artificial joints

Life at 40X

Explore the micro world and compare the structures and functions of plant and animal cells

Matter Matters

Investigate the properties of solids, liquids and gases while conducting exciting experiments

Robotics Engineer

Work with robots to solve a unique challenge

Solar System Spectacular

Explore the solar system to learn about the sun, planets, asteroids and moons that make up Earth's neighborhood

Sound Is Vibration

Uncover various ways to create sound while learning about the physical properties of sound

Starry, Starry Night

Witness the wonders of the universe

Today's Forecast

Become amateur meteorologists by using weather instrumentation to gather and analyze data

Wind Energy Engineer

Design your own turbine blades to rotate with wind power

Workshop: Animal Detectives

Uncover clues and learn about the five classes of animals in this 6 week workshop

Workshop: Astronomy Adventures

Learn about stars, planets and other celestial objects during this astronomical workshop

Workshop: Body Systems

Discover how body systems work together and react to new conditions

Workshop: Bridge Building 101

Uncover the physics behind forces applied to a bridge

Workshop: Code Kids

Explore coding basics, including functions, loops, conditionals and de-bugging

Workshop: Engineering is Elementary

Explore the Engineering Design Process and participate in hands-on inquiry activities

Workshop: Forensics Crime Lab

Use cutting-edge technology to decipher evidence found at a crime scene

Workshop: H20mg

Dive into water cycles, buoyancy, filtration and pollution, aquatic life and properties of water

Workshop: Human & Comparative Anatomy

Learn about the inner working of the human body in this 12 week workshop

Workshop: Mini CSI

Become a detective during this crime-busting workshop

Workshop: Mini Maker

Become a maker as you create, build, innovate, design, improve, hack and push boundaries

Workshop: Our Changing Climate

Explore causes, effects and solutions in this hands-on workshop

Workshop: Robotics

Explore the many facets of robotics through problem solving and collaboration

Workshop: Super Structures

Inspire the engineer within!

Workshop: Think It, Plan It, Make It

Join the maker movement as you build, innovate, and solve problems

Workshop: Water Wonders

Roll up your sleeves and investigate the wonders of this most precious resource

You Are What You Eat

Decode nutrition labels and investigate a fast food meal to measure its energy and nutritional content

You Can Build It!

Use the very popular Build It!® blocks to work through engineering challenges and create fascinating structures


Conditions & Booking Information

  • Program Space

    One designated location is required for all visits requiring multiple programs on one day.

    Discovery Place Outreach educators must have access to the program space at least 30-60 minutes prior and 30-60 minutes after each session to set up and take down programs.

    During this time, Discovery Place Outreach educators are not responsible for students. Outreach educators are not responsible for monitoring drop off and pick up times before or after programs.

  • Program Attendees

    The number of attendees communicated to Discovery Place Outreach must be accurate to ensure an optimal learning experience.

    Changes to the number of attendees the day of the program may result in cancellation of the program.

  • Mileage Fee

    A mileage fee is applied to all Discovery Place Outreach programs. Mileage is charged at $25.00 per Mecklenburg County visit (or $25.00 per Richmond County visit for programs originating from Discovery Place Kids-Rockingham) and $.75 per mile for all out of county visits.

  • Overnight Travel

    Travel requiring overnight lodging for the educator is billed at $225.00 per educator per night.

  • Gap Fee

    A gap fee of $125.00 will be charged for every 60 minute gap between programs.

Educator Memberships