Why a maker space is the best place to DIY

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Glitter Snowflake Ornaments

It’s that time of year! Winter is approaching and teachers are working hard to keep kids interested and engaged as they excitedly anticipate the holiday break.

Often, as families are resting and taking time to enjoy each other, teachers spend the break grading and planning for the year ahead. How do you thank the people who work so hard to make an impact in our children’s lives?

If you are anything like me, you take joy in giving gifts to those you appreciate. Here at Discovery Place Education Studio, I am taking the morning to create DIY ornaments for my teacher friends.

Discovery Place teems with a culture of creativity and innovation. Every day people are using our new Thinker Space to bring their ideas to life.

Today, I am using a laser cutter to cut out snowflakes from sheets of wood. I love the rustic look they gain as the edge of each cut is seared black from the burn of the laser. Afterward, I decided to give them an additional wintry look by coating them with clear glitter.

The glitter step is the best part of creating objects in a public maker space. Before, when I made gifts at home, glitter would get everywhere! No matter how thoroughly I cleaned, it seemed like bits of it would turn up year-round.

Finally, I finished each ornament off with a colored ribbon to hang from the tree. They looked beautiful! I can’t wait to gift them to the people who work so hard all year long to make our future brighter.

I hope this inspires you all to think about some things you can make for the people you love. Maybe a wreath made out of recycled materials? Or a 3D-printed Christmas tree? Or even wooden ornaments of your own? Stop by Thinker Space at Discovery Place Science to bring your creations to life!

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  • Written by
  • Andie Anderson
  • Program Manager