Gardening with kids

Discovery Place

Spring is in the air, and it’s a good time to get out there and do some gardening with your kids.

Gardening is a great family activity for multiple reasons. Your children learn where plants and their food comes from, they get to enjoy nature and they get to play in the dirt.

Recently at Get Ready With Words, we got messy and planted some succulents and flowers outside of the Grier Heights Community Center and St. Andrews Church in Montclaire South. The children were so excited to dig in the dirt! Each child and family also got to take a plant home to enjoy.

The sense of family and camaraderie was very evident and it gave the community something to gather around. We did this activity last year too and, amazingly enough, the plants survived the year.

Gardening at Montclaire South

Children can learn about the weather and other science-related subjects through gardening. They get a sense of ownership from planting their own flowers and food. Children are more likely to eat vegetables they grow themselves, so start planting that broccoli!

The kinesthetic benefits also are a great reason to garden. Not only the digging and shoveling, but the watering of the plants gets them moving and shows them the benefits of hard work.

And you don’t need a big garden outside. You could plant some flowers and herbs in small pots to make an indoor garden.

Gardening is an opportunity to talk to kids about what plants need to grow, which can lead to more conversations about how plants are living things and are part of the food chain.

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