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Discovery Place, Novant team up to share love of science at new pediatric center

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We love it when people come to one of our museums and discover new ways to explore science, but we also really enjoy bringing those learning opportunities out into the community.

Recently, Discovery Place did just that by teaming up with Novant Heath to develop, design and install two exhibits inside one of the health system’s newest pediatric offices. Located on Randolph Road, the Novant Health Center for Pediatric Development provides a centralized location for multiple pediatric subspecialty clinics, allowing families to schedule several appointments for children at one familiar, consistent location.

As a part the project, Discovery Place was asked to create something that would help Novant provide a holistic experience for patients and families visiting the new facility.

Novant pediatrics project inline construction

In early 2020, a Discovery Place team set to work developing and designing two exhibits for the waiting room of the pediatric center. The exhibits emulate existing ones at two of our museums – the Human Mirror in the Being Me exhibition at Discovery Place Science and the Sensory Wall in the I CAN Grow exhibition at Discovery Place Kids-Rockingham.

The Human Mirror allows individuals to learn about different systems of the body, including the nervous, skeletal and muscular systems, while getting active in front of a screen that, as one might guess, mirrors their motions.

The 20-foot Sensory Wall featured in a corner of the waiting room provides opportunities for exploration by interacting with different textures, materials, spinners, trapped balls, mirrors and more.

The exhibits, which were installed in mid-2020, were developed with varying ages in mind – providing captivating fun and learning for everyone from infants to adults – and were designed to support sensory sensitivities that may exist for some patients.

“We were thrilled to work with Novant on this worthy project that recognizes the importance of taking care of both the mind and body to ensure a person’s well-being,” says Tifferney White, chief learning officer at Discovery Place. “Both of these exhibits are extremely popular with our museum guests and it is wonderful to be able to bring similar versions of these experiences out into the community.”

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