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The Museum will be closed Thursday, September 29, for a private event.

Animal Grossology

Special Limited Engagement Exhibition

Amazing science that will turn "Eww!" into "Wow!"

Featuring sophisticated animatronics and imaginative animated characters adapted from the best-selling Grossology children's book series by author and science teacher Sylvia Branzei, this exhibition is oozing with disgusting science and entertaining hands-on learning games.

Animal Grossology introduces scientific concepts in ways that make kids giggle. Get a fresh take on some of the more disgusting things animals do and how blood, vomit, pellets and more can be fun, funky and fascinating.

Did you know...
• Leeches are sometimes used after surgeries to assist in the healing process.
• Scientists are studying the slime produced by slugs and snails for clues in treating cystic fibrosis.
• Cows are one of the gassiest animals on Earth and actually produce the greenhouse gas methane.
• The dung beetle is nature's living pooper scooper!

Safety tips are dispersed throughout the exhibition, such as what to do if a jellyfish stings you and how to protect your food at the next family picnic.

Exhibition highlights include:

Dookie Lovers - Did you know that poop solves the answer to many animal mysteries? Some creatures even depend on it for survival! In the Dung Ball Rally, visitors become a scarab beetle in this virtual world and compete against others in a challenging chase. Party Pooper will test your brain as you track which animal left doo-doo in the penguin's ice house.

Blood Suckers - Examine different blood-sucking critters and learn how and why they suck blood. Learn the four different colors of blood and match the blood to the animal, while finding out how you can protect yourself from diseases transferred by ticks, mosquitoes and other parasites.

Slime Makers - Ever get slimed? Slime is a very important ingredient for many animals and provides important functions such as motion, digestion and defense. Play the Slime Game and vote for the slimiest critter, dive into the ocean and take an underwater experience with something squishy, scratchy, spiny and scaly.

Vomit Munchers - Regurgitate the fascinating science of animals and how and why they vomit. Visit the Chew Chew Express to learn how a cow uses four stomachs to aid in digestion. Try the Pellet Purge to discover what an owl had for lunch. This exhibit area spews chunks of knowledge!

Animal Grossology was created and produced by Advanced Animations LLC, in collaboration with Sylvia Branzei, the author of the popular GROSSOLOGY series of books. GROSSOLOGY is a registered trademark of Penguin (USA) Inc.

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June 1, 2013 - January 1, 2014