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World Alive

A celebration of Earth's incredible biodiversity

Dive in to World Alive... through diverse habitats filled with extraordinary live species, unique hands-on labs, dramatic photography and access to the thousands of objects in Discovery Place's world-class collection, you will have the opportunity to experience and experiment with the natural world.

In the rainforest exhibit, trek through the exotic from a "swinging bridge" which overlooks a tropical habitat full of animal and plant life, including live species of reptiles, birds, frogs, stingrays, palms and epiphytes, to a rustic researcher's hut where you can make observations in the field from your scientific outpost.

In the aquarium view 15 tanks of varying sizes featuring ecosystems from around the world such as a live Indo-Pacific coral reef, North Carolina coastal habitats, and a seafloor reef rubble habitat exhibiting octopus, jellyfish and more.

World Alive will bring the wonder and interconnectedness of our planet to your fingertips.

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