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Event - Spring Break Camps

Spring Break Camps - APRIL 3 Spring Break Camps

April 3, 2015, All Day Discovery Place

By popular demand, Spring Break Camps are back! All Camps are full day and run from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Book one or as many days as you like.

Member Pricing: $45
Non-Member Pricing: $55

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Backyard Botanists - Register Now
There are trees, flowers, and plants all around us, but do you know what it takes for these to grow? Learn about plant cycles, identification and care as we look at the plants that live in our own backyards and beyond. Cultivate an appreciation of all things green in this camp for budding botanists.

Zoologists - Register Now
The world is full of amazing animals, and zoologists study them all! Learn about both native and exotic animals, from their diet to their behavior as you explore their world.


The Incredible Human Body - Register Now
Explore the human body and all of its incredible systems, from nervous to digestive and everything in between.  Learn ways to keep fit and healthy in this celebration of all things that make us one of the most complex species on the planet.

Rainforest Adventurers - Register Now
Go on a wild adventure without ever leaving Discovery Place. Learn about rainforest layers, the animals that live there and what everyday items come from this exotic place. Then meet some of the animals that call our Rainforest home.

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