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Classes in Explore More Life: Grades 3-8

Classes in our state-of-the art Explore More Life lab are facilitated by experts and allow inquiry-based learning about the life sciences. All curriculum aligns with National Science Standards and North Carolina Essential Standards.

Target Grades:
Grades 3 - 8
$12.00 per student (includes Museum admission), plus any applicable sales and use taxes
25 participants
50 minutes


Animal Behavior & Adaptation

Observe, experiment and discover some of the fascinating behaviors and adaptations of animals and how various factors affect them. Students explore a variety of living things and participate in guide…

Cycles of Nature

Investigate and evaluate living systems designed for growth, the cycles through which energy and matter flow and the role of plants on Earth through a variety of inquiry-based activities.…

DNA Detectives

Explore genotypes, phenotypes, alleles and traits. A variety of guided-inquiry experiments and investigations builds a better understanding of genes and heredity.…

Ecosystem Explorations

Put on your safari hat and travel with us as we navigate the many biomes on planet Earth. Participate in guided inquiry activities and discover characteristics of each biome. Get up close and personal…

Inside Out - Dissection

Gain a better understanding of the anatomy of the human body and the interdependency of body systems through the completion of a dissection. Note: Additional material cost of $8 per participant. Ca

Life Under the Lens

Learn about the exciting world that lies under the lens. Students will learn to use handheld, dissecting and stereo microscopes to discover the difference between plant and animal cells and observe th…

Move It or Lose It

Explore the structure and functions of the skeletal and muscular systems of the human body through a variety of guided-inquiry activities and the examination of real human specimens.…

The Human Body

Delve into the intricate human body and discover the many systems that keep your body working. Experience engaging hands-on activities and see real human specimens.…

What's the Forecast?

Develop a sunny outlook by applying real-world applications of science concepts and procedures and experience weather events firsthand. A variety of experiments and investigations build a better under…

Field Trips

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