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Classes in Explore More Stuff: Grades 3-8

Classes in our state-of-the art Explore More Stuff lab are facilitated by experts and allow inquiry-based learning about physics and chemistry. All curriculum aligns with National Science Standards and North Carolina Essential Standards.

Target Grades:
Grades 3 - 8 (see individual Class description for Grade specifics)
$12.00 per student (includes Museum admission), plus any applicable sales and use taxes
25 participants
50 minutes


Advanced Robotics

Make the connection between a robot's brain and its body. Get a brief introduction to writing programs for LEGO Mindstorms robots with easy-to-use drag and drop NXT programming software. Program your …

Concepts of Chemistry

Mix molecules that react in the blink of an eye, investigate rate-altering chemical manipulation and watch as it all goes out with a bang. Develop lab safety skills and proper equipment handling techn…

Earth, Moon and the Great Beyond

Join the rotation revolution powerful enough to alter your world. Learn why the moon appears to change shape each night, why the sun rises and sets and much more.…

Force and Motion - NEW!

Feel and see the forces around us. Experiment with Newton's Laws of Motion through a variety of hands-on activities.…

Simple Machines - NEW!

Increase your working knowledge of some mechanical marvels through fun hands-on activities using gears, levers, inclined planes, wheel and axel, pulleys, and screws. Discover ways to increase your eff…

Waves of Sound

Make some noise and move some molecules. Get amped up as you investigate the wave properties of sound and its connection to motion. See, hear and feel frequency, amplitude and period in this sound dri…

What's the Matter?

Don't let the phase fool you, it is all matter. Perform experiments exploring density and molecular motion and experience sublime changes firsthand as you investigate the phases of matter.…

Field Trips

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