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Spring into science with Spring Break Camps! Full day Camps April 3 - 10 for grades K - 3. Click to learn more.Teen volunteers, we need you! Click for details on our Apprentice Leadership Program.

Early Childhood Classes: Pre K - Grade 2

Early Childhood Classes are for young learners through grade 2. These inquiry-based classes will have your students exploring topics such as sound, weather,
forces and the amazing world in which we live. All classes are held in Kids U, on Level 1 near 6th St. Admissions.

Target Grades:
Pre K - 2
$12.00 per student (includes Museum admission), plus any applicable sales and use taxes
20 students
50 minutes


Amazing Animals

Get up close with some amazing creatures and learn about the habitats, life cycles and adaptations of these lively Museum residents.…

Can You Hear Me?

Explore through fun experiments how sound travels and how we are able to turn vibration into sound. Understand how sound waves, volume and pitch affect how we hear sound.…

Everything Matters

Discover and observe the properties of matter, solids, liquids and gases. Students will have first-hand experiences by conducting experiments involving mixing and changing matter.…

I Like to Move It, Move It

Push and pull, go up and down, blast off, spin and race in this action-packed class for junior engineers. Move and explore balance and weight as you meet engineering design challenges.…

Mini Meteorology

Snow, rain, sunshine or clouds? What will the weather be like today? Use tools to develop skills including measuring, comparing, collecting data and making weather predictions.…

Ocean Adventure

Dive in and explore oceans and an amazing array of sealife. Navigate the differences between salt water and fresh water habitats. Discover symbiotic relationships of sea creatures and experience a gui…

Operation Rainforest

Explore animal and insect life cycles and preservation. Participate in activities that highlight the importance of the world’s rainforests. Meet some live rainforest animals in the class, then tour t…

Field Trips

Field Trips and Onsite Class Inquiries 704.372.6261 x300

Register by phone Monday — Friday, 8:00am — 4:00pm