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The Museum will be closed September 6 - 9 for annual maintenance.Planning a field trip? Our 2016-2017 Education Guides are now available.
Himalayan Salt Lamp (On sale for $15 with any purchase, regularly $30)

If you’ve been searching for unique, creative, educational, quirky or just plain fun gifts, we’ve made your holiday shopping a lot easier!

Check out our top gift ideas for 2012, available at Shop Science or Shop Science is open to the public during regular Museum hours. Discovery Place Members receive a 20% discount on all purchases.

Himalayan Salt Lamp (On sale for $15 with any purchase, regularly $30) – These best-selling lamps act as natural air purifiers. The heat from the bulb warms the salt crystal, causing it to release negative ions that help remove allergens, dust, smoke, bacteria and other allergens from the air.

Fireworks Lightshow ($46.99) – This booming handheld launcher projects images of fireworks onto the walls or ceiling with realistic sound effects. Ages 5 and up.

RC Stunt Vehicle ($24.99) – Available in shiny blue or red with multicolored flashing lights on the wheels, these remote controlled cars flip and spin as they move left, right, forward and reverse. To ensure parental sanity, each car also features a mute mode to silence the beeps, whirs and engine revving. Ages 5 and up.

Camera and Picture Frame Set ($13.99) – For young photographers, this popular set includes a 35mm camera and three picture frames to decorate with 3D butterfly stickers, jewels and glitter glue. Ages 6 and up.

Motors & Generators or Solar Mechanics ($39.99 each) – Build an electric motor and generate electricity to power a light or build 20 solar-power models including cars, trucks, planes, and robots. Ages 8 and up.

Plasma Ball ($39.99) – Lightning at your fingertips! The electric current is attracted to touch but can also be set to flash to the sound of your voice or your favorite song. Ages 8 and up.

Grow Snow ($4.99) – You can make your own white Christmas if Santa leaves this in your stocking. Sprinkle the powder in the Petri dish, add a splash of water and explore the properties of water-absorbent polymers over and over again. Ages 4 and up.

Glux Super Putty ($7.99) – This versatile stocking stuffer “stretches like rubber, bounces like a ball, and tears like paper. It can even shatter like ceramic!” Glow in the dark and thermochromic (changes colors when you touch it) versions available. Ages 3 and up.

Pet Tornado ($6.99) – Shake, twist and spin to create a tiny, realistic tornado. This great stocking stuffer or desk decoration includes tornado facts. Ages 5 and up.

Museum Membership – For the parent or grandparent who seeks enriching activities that bring the whole family closer, a Membership is the best way to experience all that our Museums have to offer. Plus, Members are invited to special events and exclusive exhibition openings as well as receive discounts on Birthday Parties, Summer Camps and other programs.

A donation to Discovery Place, Inc. – For the person who has everything, honor them with a feel-good gift that will support extraordinary experiences at Discovery Place throughout the year. Your generosity will be acknowledged with a personalized letter to your friend or loved one just in time for the holidays.

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I am looking for some fun for my grandkids but I am having trouble with where everything is located.direction for everything that is listed would me nice.we came in Dec but the only thing we knew about was the hands on inside where the fire truck is located at..could you tell me a little more as to where everything is located is it all in one locating or do we get in the car to go to other places too.Thanks.

Teresa Lowery - January 08, 2013

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