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The Museum will be closed September 6 - 9 for annual maintenance.Planning a field trip? Our 2016-2017 Education Guides are now available.

Often we receive letters that stand out and reaffirm our mission. And, Greg Peccie’s recent note certainly does. You see Greg visited Discovery Place at a formative time in his life. In his recent letter to president and CEO John Mackay, Greg writes “Currently, I am the Curator of Animal Care at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Orlando, FL . Our team is in charge of over 200 African animals in 46 acres of savanna-style mixed-species habitat surrounding two Disney resorts.

The best part about it…my path to get to this position started with a 6th grade field trip…to Discovery Place! While deciding my major in college, I remembered how much fun I had on that field trip and in many of the other science and nature experiences since then. So to you and to the entire staff of Discovery Place, thank you for INSPIRING me. Thank you for giving Charlotte such a great place to build the future of scientists, conservationists, educators and animal keepers! I can’t wait to hear how you will expand the ideas and mission of Discovery Place.”

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What inspires you at Discovery Place?


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Very Cool!

Stacy Smith - December 07, 2010

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