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The Museum will be closed April 20 for Easter. We have the formula for summer fun. Sign up for Summer Camps today!


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Launch objects into the air, lie on a bed of nails, or crush a garbage can. It's an eccentric world… Learn More

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What's Happening in April Our theme this month is Space and Exploration. Blast off to explore th… Learn More

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Why can't discovery place upgrade to the IMAX 3D movies ?????

John - April 30, 2010

I say no because i never seen a insect get fat and i never think insects would get fat

ms.coulter class - May 21, 2010

Membership is very difficult to understand.

R. McCoy - June 30, 2010

Discovery responded. Misunderstanding on their behalf. They had the situation resolved, as of today. We thank Discovery for keeping up with their blogs and addressing the situation with promptness.

DAISY - September 05, 2012

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