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Does 100 % of oxygen come from trees?

That is a great question! Humans need oxygen to live, so it's a good idea to know where it comes from. Oxygen is released into the air by trees but it can also be found in lots of other places.

Oxygen makes up about 20% of air, and it is also found in water. It is also found in rocks, minerals, plants, and the human body. Oxygen is needed for fires, and it is essential for humans to breathe. The oxygen in the air also has another form known as ozone. Ozone makes up part of the atmosphere known as the ozone layer and protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Oxygen is produced by some kinds of bacteria, algae, and plants (including trees) during photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which bacteria, algae, and plants use light, water, and carbon dioxide to create energy, which they store as sugar. During photosynthesis, oxygen is released as a by-product. Most of the world's oxygen is released by plants. In fact, about half of our oxygen is released by tiny ocean plants called phytoplankton.

Since oxygen is so important to us, it's a good idea to protect the living things that produce it. That means making room for plants and trees and taking care of the oceans.

Good luck, future scientist!

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Oxygen is very essential to all living creatures.Without it, people animals and plants wont survive. It's not too late to save our environment so lets make an action!

cat veterinarians - November 22, 2010

nice....very helpful in doing my chemistry project.............................thank u so much..................

bhavana - August 01, 2015

This post is very interesting and I am very pleased with the way that you have described this. Thank you so much for your article; it had facts I didn't even know before!

Chinanu K. Okoli - December 10, 2015

Hi Robert...could you explain what natural mechanism keeps the right nitrogen/oxygen ratio?
Seems to me we use far more oxygen these days - industrial, agricultural, transport, population explosion etc. including vast amounts used up in the manufacture of liquid gases.
Thanks for your help.

john dayman - March 08, 2016

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