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The male Atlantic lined seahorse might be the most romantic of the ocean’s inhabitants.

Does February 14 feel more like Singles Awareness Day? Are you tired of feeling pressured to find a date for this Thursday?

Well, cheer up. At least you’re not a male seahorse.

The male Atlantic lined seahorse (Hippocampus erectus) might be the most romantic of the ocean’s inhabitants.

To fulfill the female’s demands for a long courtship, he engages in a marathon EIGHT HOURS of dancing, which includes spinning around, swimming by her side and changing colors — and he’s not even a very good swimmer.

When it’s time to build a family, the male seahorse takes the female’s eggs and carries them to term, delivering as few as five or as many as 1,500 babies.

And what does the noble male get for all of his efforts?

After the female deposits her eggs, she takes her newly trim figure and swims away.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, be sure to stop by the aquarium in World Alive and show these chivalrous guys some love.


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