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Wilson from WCCB News Rising stopped by Discovery Place recently to check out 101 Inventions That Changed The World, now on exhibition for the first time in the Southeast.

This revolutionary, multi-sensory experience explores some of the most important inventions in history using high-definition graphics, cinema-quality surround sound, hands-on activities and touch-screen displays.

During his visit, Wilson chatted with Alexander Graham Bell, rocked out on invention #72 and learned why the history of invention is unfair to women.

"You know I'm a big fan of Discovery Place," he said. "Now that I've said that, this is the coolest thing I've ever seen here!"

Click here to watch today's WIlson's World segment.…

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Catherine Wilson Horne has been appointed the new president & CEO of Discovery Place, Inc., a family of museums that includes Discovery Place, Charlotte Nature Museum and Discovery Place KIDS.

Starting in late January, Catherine Wilson Horne will take the helm as the new president & CEO of Discovery Place, Inc.

Catherine is currently the CEO of EdVenture, a nationally-recognized children's museum in Columbia, S.C., a position she has held for nearly 17 years.

"After an extensive and thoughtful national search, we are delighted to have found a new leader who has the right mix of vision, passion, imagination and knowledge to lead Discovery Place, Inc. into the future," said Chris Perri, Board Chair, Discovery Place, Inc.

Over the last three decades, Catherine has worked exclusively in the museum, non-profit and higher education sectors. Her experience includes raising more than $50 million dollars for educational programs, exhibits and museum facilities, marketing and bra… Keep reading.

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Would you use paper to protect yourself in a rainstorm? It might work for a little while but definitely not as well as the paper bag Discovery Place educator Jade is wearing in this video. We sprayed the paper with a product called NeverWet, a nanotechnology based on the lotus effect. Materials treated with this coating repel water so well that even a paper bag says completely dry in a North Carolina downpour!

Our educators have been experimenting recently with the new product NeverWet at the Museum, and I've been asked a lot of questions about how it works and why it's referred to as a form of nanotechnology.

Water repellent materials such as Scotchguard and Rain-X have been around for a while, but they make use of a different technology to repel liquids. NeverWet's new patent steps it up into the realm of nanotech and gives it a noticeably stronger effect.

This phenomenon actually has a name: The Lotus Effect.

Plants in the lotus family have been known to repel water since ancient times. Their leaves are considered self-cleaning because rainwater quickly sweeps away dirt and dust without sticking to the surface.

It was not until the development of high-power electron microscopes th… Keep reading.

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Dudley the Great Horned Owl is one of three en-GROSS-ing birds available for adoption through a special partnership with Carolina Raptor Center.

Did you know that Discovery Place isn't the only spot around Charlotte where you can meet some pretty en-GROSS-ing creatures?

In addition to the animatronic characters hanging out in Animal Grossology, you can also meet some disgustingly delightful critters at Carolina Raptor Center.

There's Dudley, the Great Horned Owl. He can't digest the bones, teeth, or hair of the animals he eats. So his stomach produces tight wads of this material that he spits out about once a day. Carolina Raptor Center dries and bakes his "pellets" and sells them to students and teachers to study the contents.

Bonsai the Black Vulture relies on his own body fluids to help him fight diseases that he might pick up walking around in his favorite meal, road kill. After a trip to the blacktop buffet, he uses … Keep reading.

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WCNC anchor Larry Sprinkle gets up close and personal with our gassy bovine friend.

Many of you have already stopped by to take your picture with our farting cow on North Tryon Street.

We're loving the photo submissions on Instagram and Twitter! Click on the slideshow at right to view a sampling of folks who were brave enough to share the frame with a gassy bovine.

Did you that know you can also submit your photos on Facebook? Just use the hashtag #BlownAwayByScience.

Photos also can be emailed to Museum admission is not required to take photo or participate. Winners will be notified prior to billboard posting.

We can't wait to choose our next billboard star, so keep those photos coming!…

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Stop by the Museum entrance on North Tryon Street and take your picture with our gassy bovine friend for a chance to appear on one of Discovery Place's billboards.

Holy cow! The newest addition to our main entrance at North Tryon Street is a gassy bovine who could be your ticket to fame.

Beckoning visitors to the our special limited engagement exhibition, Animal Grossology, she's also offering a rare opportunity to appear on a Discovery Place billboard.

Take a photo with our farting cow, share it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #BlownAwayByScience and you could be featured on a billboard in the Charlotte metro area.

Photos also can be emailed to (include the hashtag #BlownAwayByScience).

Museum admission is not required to take photo or participate. Winners will be notified prior to billboard posting.

For plenty of fascinating facts on cows and other en-GROSS-ing creatures, check out Animal Grossology, … Keep reading.

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